Alaric Brighthearth

Folk Hero half-elf warlock, in service of the Undying Light, Alaric seeks to bring Pelor's light to the world's shadows


Character Sheet Updated 9/9/16


Immaculate born to a single Elven mother, no siblings. Father is unknown.
6’1" tall, 158lbs. Silver hair and steel blue eyes. Golden white skin. No facial hair. Despite actual age, Alaric does not appear to be older than a teenager, which can put off some people until they get to know him and that he is NOT a child.

Born on the floating island of Lightwood, in the human/elven allied city of Novograd, Alaric’s mother is a wizard professor at the local college. She was still a virgin when she gave birth to Alaric, and has exhausted all manner of divinations trying to glean where or when she conceived Alaric, and to whom she owes thanks, or a magical fist. Alaric grew up, naturally talented with magic, but not seeming to care for formulae, scrolls, or arcane implements. At the age of 10, Alaric’s mother, Aiyssa, recognized the power in her son, and began training him very differently than her regular students. She began taking him to the congregations of Pelor, and introduced him to the clerics and acolytes of the temple. They in turn recognized Alaric’s unique powers and partnered with his mother to educate and train him. During his training, Alaric has been able to meet many of the city folk including some guild masters, guardsmen, nobles, politicians, tradesmen, and peasants. Alaric has fully accepted his current path to destiny and faces it with tempered pride. His training and accomplishments, thus far, have made him quite the folk hero around the city and outlying town areas. He is known as a man who works hard for the people, no matter their station or occupation, and is fair and kind. He has developed a genocidal attitude toward all undead creatures and abhors them just as nature does. He fidgets and gets irritable when he cannot see the sun, or at least the sky.

Alaric has participated in battle several times in the past, as warfare and strife are tempers for wisdom and knowledge. He has assisted in defeating the following creatures and enemies: goblins, kobolds, human and half-orc brigands (some of them barbarians), stirges, green slime, gelatinous cubes (city sewer cleaners), large spiders, zombies, skeletons, a pack of ghouls, a tiefling cat burglar (she got away with some minor relics and wealth of the church, but not before being singed by Alaric’s power), sparring with Master Hammerskal (a dwarven battlecleric and very skilled tactician), a few human and elven wizards at the college (envious of Alaric’s powers), Chaplain Grimaldus (spell duels, human high cleric of Pelor’s Light chapel), and sparring with his mother Aiyssa (Elf wizard).

Alaric is currently helping garrison the Amberwood Outpost, ministering to the troops and providing aid to travelers. His real goal, given to him by Chaplain Grimaldus, is to investigate reports of strange magical entities seen in the woods, usually right around the time earthquakes are felt all over the allod.

After investigating a rumour of giant-sized animals, Alaric and his friends discovered a secret cave near the edge of the allod containing a bunch of cultists of the bloody paw, who were imbueing magic into animals turning them into huge beasts. They also found a note written by the leader in charge of the cultists which indicated the cultists were operating out of a fortress on the other side of the allod.

After resupplying at the garrison, Alaric and his friends ventured to the fortress to discover it was taken over by gnolls and more cultists, and an evil druid responsible for the beasts. The party managed to clear out the fortress of hostiles and brought in a contingent of soldiers to occupy and begin reconstruction. After searching the fortress, the party located a teleportation circle keyed to amulets worn by the cultists, and after planning on what to do about it, the party decided to go through together.

The portal lead to an underground mine on the eastern side of the allod, where the party happened upon the cause of the earthquakes – an avatar of a little known Gnoll deity, and his minions. After a hard-fought battle, the party cleared out the rest of the mine, discovering a dock and a silver-dragon corpse astral ship piloted by the minions of an evil dragon deity. The ship tore free from the dock, taking several slaves with them, but Alaric and his friends managed to steal a few from the clutches of certain death.

Adventuring further into the mines, the party discovers a turf-war between the drow and the kuo-toas. Temporarily siding with the kuo-toas, the party turned their attention to the drow necromancers and put them down, but not before almost all the kuo-toa were killed by a cloudkill spell. Working their way through tunnels and ruins, the party fought their way to the cult of drow’s leaders where they had more slaves, including an ettin. The party freed the slaves and put down the guards, and then discovered that the mine cavern was rich in aetherite, which was having adverse effects on those imbued with magic.

After helping secure the mines and helping the garrison set up defenses, the party found some down time to relax a bit, and Alaric began researching aetherite, astral ships, and the connection between aetherite and the deities. (2 successes so far)

The party received letters inviting them to a banquet in their honor in recognition to their service to Novagrad, and were allowed to each bring a friend. At the banquet, the Tripariate Council had everyone poisoned through the use of “free drinks” and revealed themselves to be half-dragon servants of those who had escaped the party from the mines. Unleashing their powers against all in attendance, several innocents died, and the party was caught off guard with most of their equipment secured away from them. Several hard fought rounds of combat passed and the party gained the advantage and were winning when Alaric’s mother Ayissa warned that everyone needed to leave immediately but offered no other explanation as she fled to the antechamber. Suddenly a huge adult Black Dragon teleported into the banquet hall, just in time to witness the death of the last half-dragon follower. A few moments of attacking the dragon and wounding it pretty harshly gave the party a sense of false-assurance that they could win this fight and so they stayed fighting for a bit. Then things got bad as the dragon breathed acid on 3 party members, dropping the Dwarven Warpriest in one hit and severly injuring the others. False-assurance quickly turned to worry as the party started doing their best to fight a retreating battle to the antechamber where Ayissa had set up a temporary portal of escape. After sending everyone through but the Ranger, Alaric, and Ayissa, the dragon burst through the wall and buffeted the party with its massive wings, physically blowing Ayissa through her own portal, causing it to destabilize. Without hesitation, Alaric moved across the room to the overly-confident Gnome Ranger, picked her up, and using divine inspiration, bodily through her through the collapsing portal, just as the dragon clawed him down.

The party reassembled elsewhere, unknown to Alaric. He was a prisoner in his mind. He could feel magics healing most of his wounds, but could not regain conciousness for more than a few moments. A strange burning sensation consumed his whole body, but he was paralyzed and could not wake. He could feel his skin being burned and his head erupted into a migraine causing white stars in the edges of his vision. He could vaguely hear chanting in a strange language, but as the head ache worsened, he began to gain clarity on the chanting, and then could understand the words being spoken, intermittently. The chanting was broken for but a moment as a shout rang out in the courtyard, but the message was unknown. Sounds of fighting, and more than one bright flash followed by clap of thunder was experienced. Suddenly the chanting stopped. An unpleasant smell was detected, even above the acrid acidic foulness that surrounded him. The smell of horribly cauterized flesh. Then a roar, and more fighting was felt and heard, but still Alaric could not move. The headache only barely beginning to subside, as the sounds of battle slowly faded. Unsure of what was happening, Alaric could only hope this was a bad dream. He felt disconnected from his body, and then suddenly a warm, soft glow entered his mind. Rays of healing light from above washed away the intense pains he was suffering. Then an intense shock as he was stiff-armed awake by a familiar voice, that of Rari shouting in his face to accept the healing touch of Moradin.

Alaric stood up, covered head to toe in a bath of… black dragon blood. He could taste it, smell it, and it sickened him for a moment, as if some vomit found its way up his throat. He spit it out, and the stone it landed on sizzled a little bit. His head was heavy, his neck hurt, not from injury but from overuse. Then he realized he had…. horns…. like that of a black dragon. And that the acid-blood he was standing it was no longer causing him pain. He could hear a cricket crawling behind the dais he was standing on, sense an earthworm in the grass a few feat away, and the annoyingly large amount of flys descending upon them and the dragon corpse. Alaric was changed. Had his friends not interrupted the ritual, he would have been converted to their side, but has instead found himself partially dragon now. This should be useful, he thought.

The next morning we awoke on Captain Mal’s ship to the Cap yelling at us that we were now wanted criminals for the attempted assassination of the Tripartie Council. We knew we had killed them so we sensed a trap. So we did the unexpected, we had Captain Mal fly us to the Council’s keep and drop us off so we could go turn ourselves in. When we entered the chambers, we approached the “council members”, and began OUR interrogation of them, despite what they thought they were demanding of us. Rari cast Zone of Truth which included the three “councilors” who abstained from answering any of our questions. So we made good use of the zone of truth to ask questions of them that included true statements inside the Zone. They continued to refuse to answer questions. So we gave them an ultimatum – answer our questions peacefully, or we would initiate aggressive negotiations. They opted for aggressive, as they used a ritual to teleport the chamber occupants to another place, somewhere underground, and they again transformed into their half-dragon selves. But they were not prepared for such well armed adventurers and we managed to put them down along with their gargoyle helpers. Alaric claimed their heads,. gave them their last rites with Pelor’s blessing, and ashed their corpses to make sure they wouldn’t be back a third time. Alaric carved a small symbols of Pelor into a statue fountain depicting a 5-headed dragon that was leaking blood and upon the defacement was rendered non-functional. Then Alaric carved a huge symbol of Pelor into the floor, accidentally caving it in onto the lower floors. Kobolds were in attendance to matters underneath the chamber, and Alaric intimidated them in good fashion, telling them that Pelor’s Wrath would be visited upon any darkling yet remaining inside.

The party travelled upwards out of the cavern, and into another area that looked to be a depository of the dead. There were Kobold necromancer trainees raising skeletons from the bones and from eachother’s remains; and a necromancer teacher who finished constructing a Flesh Golem. After defeating them, the party was low on resources and had to rest for an hour.

We continued up, and when we got to the entrance, there were 2 large earth elementals blocking our exfil from the caves. When we showed them the brass jewelry we looted from the councilors they backed off immediately and allowed us to pass unharmed. We left them the same.

Outside, we found our way to a road and followed a patrol of griffins to a village named Whitwick. There we gained our bearings and talked with the locals. We learned that a vampire has moved into a ruined watchtower nearby; magic was behaving strangely in the Blackmire Marsh nearby; the Governess’ new cat was likely a polymorphed wizard; and shadows were seen moving at night in the village center in strange ways.

We opted to help with the cat, and after hiding outside the manor, managed to catch the cat. Alaric dispelled the magic of the polymorph and sure enough the cat turned back into a human wizard. So we brought him to the captain of the guard for questioning and helped him regain his memories after questioning him on what he remembered. The party then opted to rest the night and head out to the marsh to see if they could find the likely aetherite cause of the magical disturbances near and in the marsh. When we got there, we found a coven of necromancers were using an aetherite rune circle to raise skeletal dinosaurs, and we were forced to put them all down quickly. We studied the rune circle, collected up all the aetherite dust, and detected a presence of more aetherite farther in the marsh. So, we took a rest to make sure the area was safe before we start into the swamp.

We travelled into the swamp to the source of aetherite, and found a pool of murky water, with tracks of kobolds leading into and out of it. So Alaric took a dive and found that there was a magical vortex keeping water out of a tunnel under the water. After the party assembled, dozens of kobolds attacked us with traps and portcullises to separate us. Alaric blasted them with Pelor’s light, leaving only one, and he bravely ran away to try to warn others. After removing the portcullis and following the kobold, we found them in a congregation of sorts, underneath the 5-headed dragon symbol once again. There was a shaman chanting a prayer to a Tiamat, and the ranger said Hail of Thorns the room. All of the congregation, over 20 kobolds, dropped dead from the thorns, leaving the shaman to try to put up a fight, but didn’t last very long. He was waving a staff with a goblin head and ribcage on one end, magical indeed.

We continued through tunnels until we found a very well lit and carved room, and a half-red dragon female warrior sitting at a table. She invited us in, conversed with us, revealing that Tiamat is the five-headed dragon deity, an evil one too, and she was the cause of the breaking of the world, in an attempt to get her minions to harvest all of the aetherite from the world. Alaric attempted to negotiate but the Half-Red dragon was only interested in slaying the party for having ruined her operation here. She was strong and skilled, a legendary enemy, but she was no match for the combined might of the party brought to bear on a single opponent. We found a lot of aetherite shards and chunks in her room, and a few powerful magic items which we identified to be legendary. A Black Dragon Mask, and the evillly intelligent greatsword she wielded. We also found a bag of holding, and so put all of our loot into that bag, rested, then left the cave. We noticed there were non-combative kobold survivors that had freaked out about the fight and left the cave, so we caught up with them and explained that they could go back to that cave and live there and no one would come to harm them again so long as they agreed not to harm any other intelligent beings near the swamp.

We travelled back to Whitwick to recuperate and check up on Uncle D. Alyssa used sending to give a message to Alaric, and after talking with Uncle D. the party investigated public records to try to figure out who and where the governess was and came from. No records older than 10 years could be found, and it was an over-night transition of power for her. Uncle D. said he remembered seeing the 5-headed dragon symbol when he was turned into a cat; so we suspect the governess is another Tiamat half-dragon minion in disguise.

Alaric Brighthearth

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