Luna WolfSister

Raised by wolves, this lone gnome and her sister search for answers.


Character Sheet Updated 9/4/16


Luna grew up in Tlesk, a small village of forest gnomes, unknown to outsiders. Her parents were powerful druids, who used their magic to enhance and train a pack of wolves to serve as protectors of the village. These wolves were always a part of her family. Whenever outsiders came too close to Tlesk, the wolves and the rangers of the village would answer the call, and destroy the invaders.

Like all children in Tlesk, on the solstice after her 8th birthday, Luna was brought before the village council to determine where she would be apprenticed to. Though she yearned to join her parents in the Druid Circle, she didn’t possess the abilities of her parents. So she requested to join the rangers, so that she could continue to be with the wolves that had been a part of her life as long as she could remember. She was assigned to a Ranger named Briel. A tall, stern man of almost 5’. Briel taught Luna how to survive in the wild, how to shoot and how to track. Her first kill, a squirrel, was skinned and fashioned into a totem, and she still wears it proudly on her belt.

These wolves were her brothers and sisters, always near the family’s house (the only one in the village on the ground). Their howling was her lullaby, and their warm bodies, her pillow. Then, one day, something terrible happened. The ground began to rumble and break, huge chasms opened up all through the village. Her parents rushed to the field where she was training, and urgently carried her to the Den. Terrified, they told the wolves to carry Luna with them, and run to anywhere safe they could find.

They Traveled for four days before the ground stopped shuddering. Eventually finding the Amberwood Forest. Game was plentiful, and there were ample places to set up a new den, and relative solitude. Grandfather decided that this would be their new home. A new den was dug, and prey was found. The foxes and wolverines in the area were driven out, The Pack began anew.

The first new pup born after The Pack’s arrival in the Amberwood was a female, Grandfather named her Nightshade, as her grey fur reminded him of the evening mist over Tlesk. Nightshade and Luna were inseparable. Luna taught her how to hunt, how to move among the wood without scaring away prey, and how to move the enemy into a favorable place for Luna’s arrow to finish the hunt.

Though her short legs would not carry her as far or as fast as her siblings, the larger among them would carry her on their backs in the search, knowing that her bow and magic could bring even the most dangerous game down quickly and safely. The pack would chase prey into her flying teeth.

During her hunts, Luna has come into contact with some of the humanoids who have entered the woods. She is particularly interested in those who wield magic, who’s spells bend nature to their will. When she encountered Alaric, her curiosity overcame her caution almost instantly. She followed him for hours as he entered the forest. When she saw that he was fighting a group of goblins, she had to take action. Her arrows rained into the mob, and her presence was discovered. Only a moment was shared, but Alaric got a good look at her before she was able to return to the forest.

Ten years have passed since The Pack left Tlesk. Without the enchantments given to the wolves of Tlesk, New pups did not have the level of intelligence of their parents. The pack was returning to its natural wild state. Worried about the future of the pack, Grandfather brought Luna before him, and gave her a mission. Leave the forest, find out if anyone from Tlesk is still alive, or if a new community could be found to continue The Pack’s magical symbiosis.

Luna and Nightshade are ready to take their first steps into the two-legged world, starting with the small woodsmen outpost on the edge of the forest.

Luna WolfSister

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