Rari Rockoath

Cleric of war and former Acolyte


Character Sheet Updated 9/4/16


I am stubborn. I have always been stubborn. At least as far back as I can remember. I have also always been right in my stubbornness. I like good things, fine things, soft beds, good wine, good weapons. As the good book says, one must always indulge themselves to get fulfilled in this life. I don’t know where it says that, but its some where in there.

So how did I come to be this way? Probably because after my parents died at a young age I became a street urchen with my siblings. I am the youngest of five and really there is not much they could have done to take care of me other then send me out to beg. The church of Moradin took pity on us though, and took us all in after a few years. That time in the slums taught me to enjoy the good things in life. I enjoya nice soft bed, as well as good food and drink. The Oathmaker, or leader of the church, soon saw that I was a quick study of the word of Moradin, and soon put me to work among some of the other recruits into the faith. As a result, I eventually grew into loving my church home, and would do all I could to fit in. Slowly going out to help the church’s faithful, I have pledged myself to finding the writings of my god, to bring them back to the church so we may study, worship, and protect the faith as best we can.

Rari Rockoath

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