Letter to the Oathmaker

AKA session notes for last session

Great Oathmaker.

I am currently on the track that you sent me on to figure out the disturbance in the woods. Amberwood Outpost is the base camp in which I have met the other people also attempting to figure out what is going on. A Human by the name of Olreck, and a gnome by the name of Luna are my companions so far. They seem rather capable in their abilities so far, and we have been contracted to figure out what is causing several of the animals in the forest to be come enlarged to the size of giants.

I confess, when Odwolf, the leader of the woodsmen, first told me of an eighteen foot squirrel eating two of his men, I thought he was, well forgive the pun, but nuts. Moving out with the two aforementioned companions. We came across some rather large weasels that made me actually question my questioning of the woodsmen’s leader.

As with many things, after dispatching the weasels we found that there was a very human background to this magic endeavor, and followed several foot prints to a cliff face. Despite being a dwarf, I confess my dexterity is lacking when it comes to climbing down perilous sides of the earth, and Olreck was able to devise a way for us to get into the cave hide out with minimal effort, and no loss of life.

I think we have found the group responsible for the enlarged animals, they all carried a symbol that looked to be a paw print with three red lines through it. after reporting back to Amberwood Outpost, we were told about Orshek fortress being a possible base of operations for the group. The group decided that it would be best to check out the fortress and make sure it was still abandoned. Of course, it wasn’t. I don’t understand why anyone would think a perfectly secure fortress is a good thing to abandon, and then continue to think it will remain abandoned, however, we made quick justice of the gnolls that took camp with in it.

Fear not Oathbreaker. My adventures out side of these walls have not been all blood shed. From what we can gather a druid, was the one behind the enlarged creatures as of now, and we subdued her with out killing her so we may question her intentions.

Master Hammerskull, the leader of Amberwood Outpost, was happy to have someone to question, and even agreed to move some men into the fortress, to ensure its security, or even move the fortress itself.

We will continue to figure out what is going on with the earthquakes and creatures of unusual size with in the forest, as well as help the outpost out with any of its needs. If you have further instructions for me, please write. I shall submit another report soon.

Moradin’s Daughter,
Rari RockOath


CypherWulf PeridotGem

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