Letter from the Tripatriate Council

Messers BrightHearth and Arranis, and Mesdames Wolfsister and Rockoath,

We are pleased to hear of your success in locating the aetherite deposit underneath Farshore Shipyard. Thanks to your efforts, Novograd will now have the power to expand our navy, our magics, and our prosperity.

Your efforts have become the talk of Novograd, and we would appreciate your attendance, with a guest of your choice, at a banquet to be held in your honor on the 15th of Hematite [4 days from now]. Preparations are currently underway, and your accommodations will be ready for your use as soon as you are able to arrive, we are sure that you will find that everything that you need is provided, and we ask that you do not hesitate to ask if there is anything you need our staff to provide.

Anticipatingly yours,
Tripatriate Council of Novograd

Rennyn Trabanise
Headmaster – College of magics

Ormoick Leadblade
Lord-General, Armies of Novograd

Pieran Abgrall


would be a shame if…

none of us showed….

cuz we’re out adventuring… :)

CypherWulf CypherWulf

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